How to avoid having New Jersey potholes prey on your Audi

When life throws you potholes, make a drastic turn to avoid them ... or something like that.

It's the most wonderful time of the year here in Hackensack area -- pothole season! Of course we're kidding. We know you've been taking the utmost care of your Audi all winter long, washing and vacuuming it routinely, clearing out those wheel wells and undercarriage, letting it run for a good 10 minutes on those freezing mornings before you head out on your morning commute. But now Mother Nature is really going to test your patience with a plethora of potholes populating nearly every street you drive on a daily basis.

Can you bear to drive slowly enough to avoid bouncing in and out of one of those crater-like holes? How about keeping your focus on the road ahead and staying on pothole patrol so you can avoid them when possible?

Well, no matter how dedicated you are to the cause of preventing pothole damage, you're bound to have an unfortunate interaction with one of those cavern-like crevices one soon enough -- and your Upper Saddle River car repair center at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River is here to give your Audi the TLC it will need. If you think the cracked pavement has knocked your vehicle's wheels out of alignment, damaged the suspension, etc., we encourage you to promptly schedule service with our team of professional technicians. We'll have you in, out and back on the rough roads before you know it.

For some suggestions on avoiding pothole damage and a heads-up on what to look out for if you hit one too hard, tune into the clip below featuring car care expert Lauren Fix:

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