Why the Audi R8 is an everyday driver in an exotic sports car package

An all-wheel-drive sports car may sound like an oxymoron, or at the very least a mere fantasy, but with Audi, anything is possible.


Take the potent 2015 Audi R8 pill. No really -- take it. You'll feel great after a few laps around the block in this luxury performance coupe. While the R8 is labeled as "exotic" (because those glamorous curves certainly aren't designed here in Upper Saddle River, NJ), it's a surprisingly approachable sports car thanks to standard all-wheel drive, an automated-manual transmission and an all-around easy drive regardless of whether you're zipping around an open racetrack or gunning it on the highway.


We thought the review below did a great job of showcasing some of the R8's selling points, so we highly recommend that you give it a watch. If you'd rather just see the beast in person, feel free to wrangle one of our available new models here at

Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River and take it for a spin.

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