The Dog Days Are Over

Today is the first of a three-day event in Las Vegas called the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, and we are sitting up at attention. Alongside some great innovative tech releases such as a 3D printer, high-tech ballet shoes, and several other great items, Audi plans to show off some new tricks of their own.

Aside from the exciting advancements in their electric vehicle, the e-tron®, Audi will be rolling in with their auto-piloted "Jack" which is a new version of their A7. While we watch the new technology unleashed over the next few days, we'll be excited to hear more from Audi in regards to their upcoming innovations.

As we sit and beg for more updates from CES, we'll share a little teaser of the e-tron® which proves you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks (and you can also teach a new dog old tricks).

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