We here at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River don’t have to tell you that winter has been merciless this year. We have no doubt that your car has told you that every time you went to start it during one of those brutal cold snaps, snow storms or a combination of the two.

Of course, a properly maintained Audi is a vehicle that is well-equipped to withstand winter's unpleasantness. You know, taking it in for all of its regular checkups, suiting it up in snow tires and having any potential issues addressed immediately -- because harsh temperatures will only exacerbate an existing problem. But all of those good intentions will be fruitless if you don't know how to drive carefully on black ice.

We're taking advantage of this Throwback Thursday to revisit January's Winter Storm Juno and some great winter driving advice from "Car Coach" Lauren Fix:

Have questions about winterizing your Audi? Our Upper Saddle River car repair center is ready to take your call. If you feel your car needs to be inspected in order to make it through the winter, we invite you to schedule service via our convenient online calendar. Stay safe out there!

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